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신나는 현스니~♪

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Hyunseung: It’s so hard… I want to go home T-T

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현승: 힘들어 죽겠는데 왜 땀이 안 나지? ㅇ<ㅡ< 

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Hyunseung and his reluctance to do sports…

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현승: 맥주가 사실 몸에 좋은건 아니잖아요~

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Hyunseung’s first house warming experience (◕‿◕✿)

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[Translation] 1st Look - <Shine on, Beast> Interview

Jang Hyunseung

Black sleeveless top from Alexander Wang. Black see through jumper from BLK DNM by Tom Greyhound. Black pants from General Idea.

The eyes and expression seen for the first time from the attentive grabbing performance guided by the sound of provocative whistle, Jang Hyunseung is moving rhythmically. Also, it’s noticed for the first time. It’s definitely the man that’s exuding attraction force and the ‘twist’ on stage, it’s Jang Hyunseung’s charm. All these while, the confidence which wasn’t shown previously had dramatically unfold through the unit promotion and thereafter, he is shining even more vibrantly.

"The greatest gain from the outcome of the unit promotion wasn’t being number 1 on music programmes nor the rise of recognition. It was about me experimenting on my own and being able to bring it forward in it’s entirety. Definitely the music, along with the performance, acting, image, all of them are harsh at my ‘eye-level’. In order to showcase a stage of my own, I continued to ascertain, fix and prepare myself. Actually, I became extremely sensitive when it comes to work. Being a perfectionist, I often lashed out at myself. Because of that, whenever I receive lots of stress, my body becomes worn out. While on the other hand, I think that I’m transforming my sensitiveness into driving force and advancing forward. When the tough times become too much to handle, I’ll meet with my loved ones, eat delicious food and chat a lot. Nothing special but I’ll spend some quiet time alone too. Having a rest like that, I’ll toughen up and jump back into work again. Lately, we frequently talk among ourselves regarding our direction. Truthfully for me, even though we might need to have ground breaking strategy for any opportunity, I think it’s unconditional that it will do as long as the music itself is good. Even if I’m called inflexible and single-minded, I can’t be helped. In the first place, I don’t like to go back on things regardless of what it is. A powerful fast ball, I think that’s the best and with that, we need to be more ‘beast’ like."


Source: http://magazine.firstlook.co.kr/archives/star/shine-on-beast
Translated by: Kimcherry.tumblr // @sichul 

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