[Translation] 1st Look - <Shine on, Beast> Interview

Jang Hyunseung

Black sleeveless top from Alexander Wang. Black see through jumper from BLK DNM by Tom Greyhound. Black pants from General Idea.

The eyes and expression seen for the first time from the attentive grabbing performance guided by the sound of provocative whistle, Jang Hyunseung is moving rhythmically. Also, it’s noticed for the first time. It’s definitely the man that’s exuding attraction force and the ‘twist’ on stage, it’s Jang Hyunseung’s charm. All these while, the confidence which wasn’t shown previously had dramatically unfold through the unit promotion and thereafter, he is shining even more vibrantly.

"The greatest gain from the outcome of the unit promotion wasn’t being number 1 on music programmes nor the rise of recognition. It was about me experimenting on my own and being able to bring it forward in it’s entirety. Definitely the music, along with the performance, acting, image, all of them are harsh at my ‘eye-level’. In order to showcase a stage of my own, I continued to ascertain, fix and prepare myself. Actually, I became extremely sensitive when it comes to work. Being a perfectionist, I often lashed out at myself. Because of that, whenever I receive lots of stress, my body becomes worn out. While on the other hand, I think that I’m transforming my sensitiveness into driving force and advancing forward. When the tough times become too much to handle, I’ll meet with my loved ones, eat delicious food and chat a lot. Nothing special but I’ll spend some quiet time alone too. Having a rest like that, I’ll toughen up and jump back into work again. Lately, we frequently talk among ourselves regarding our direction. Truthfully for me, even though we might need to have ground breaking strategy for any opportunity, I think it’s unconditional that it will do as long as the music itself is good. Even if I’m called inflexible and single-minded, I can’t be helped. In the first place, I don’t like to go back on things regardless of what it is. A powerful fast ball, I think that’s the best and with that, we need to be more ‘beast’ like."


Source: http://magazine.firstlook.co.kr/archives/star/shine-on-beast
Translated by: Kimcherry.tumblr // @sichul 

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[Transcript] Other than Hyuna, if another idol were to be paired up with Hyunseung for TM, who would be the most compatible female idol?

[Transcript] Qn: Other than Hyuna, if another idol were to be paired up with Hyunseung for TM, who would be the most compatible female idol? 
A) Girl’s Day - Hyeri
B) Sunmi (To which Hyunseung starts to cover his smiley face shyly)
C) Secret - Hyosung
D) Sistar - Hyorin

Hyunseung: Answer! B!
Doojoon: It’s not because you like her right? 
Dongwoon: You have to remove personal preference!
Doojoon: It’s not who you want to do TM with but according to what the public sees.
Hyunseung: Ah…… *pouts a little*

Dongwoon: I think it’s D (Hyorin). Hyorin-ssi seems to be able to rival with Hyuna’s pose.
Kikwang: Alright, what about Junhyung?
Junhyung: Ah… *thinking* ah…. *in deep thoughts* …
Doojoon: It’s not about pairing with you…
*Captions: A splash of cold water*
Junhyung: I’m seriously thinking about the image in my head right now ok…
Kikwang: Ok so what’s your answer?
Junhyung: A (Hyeri). Because recently they had their activities right. 
Doojoon: For me… It’s B too. When I think of it, it just feels the most compatible.
Kikwang: During 24 hours, she had pink hair right
Yoseob: Why do you keep talking about hair colours?
Junhyung: Don’t talk about hair colours
Beast: Why?
Junhyung: I have colour weakness..
Yoseob: Oh right, you have colour weakness
Kikwang: You’re coming clean after 26 years???
Hyunseung: The fans don’t even know about it
Doojoon: Only we know about it
Yoseob: You’re being greedy for broadcast right
Junhyung: That’s why I chose A right *trying to change back topic*
Yoseob: You waited for today to come out right?
Junhyung: No, no. I’m A, so hurry up and answer.
Doojoon: I’m B.
Yoseob: B too.
Hyunseung: B for me too. 

*Correct answer is B* 

Transcript by: @Sichul // http://kimcherry.tumblr.com

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[Trans] 131212 Hyunseung IG comments:

#1 - Ended today’s work. The thought of going home to rest is making my heart dugeun dugeun [TN: flutters]

#2 - I’m good looking..? Nah.. It’s because of the make up.

#3 - Make lots of great memories in this joyful December and please enjoy the coming Christmas~ I’ll end here!

Screencap credit: @eunhee_1012
KR-EN Translation: @sichul / http://kimcherry.tumblr.com

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[Trans] 131107 S Cawaii Magazine : Beast’s How to Love

Qn: If you like a girl, will you confess? Or will you wait?

HS: If it seems like the person has feelings for me too, I’m the kind that she will have to make me ask her out (laughs). And if that person doesn’t seem to have feelings for me, I’ll ask her out.
YS: I’m more of the active type. However, since we’ve debuted for 5 years, it might be due to the fact that work is more important than dating right now, I’m not sure if that part of me has changed.
DW: I’ll confess. The girl I like should be popular among other people. Not only the girl I like, my dreams, chances or anything else, I think I might miss the opportunity if I hesitate.
KK: Because I’m a man, I want to confess first.
DJ: I’m the type that waits. I don’t have the courage when it comes to dating.
JH: The active kind. I think it’s stupid to just wait (laughs).

Q: Tell us about 3 criteria of your ideal girl!

HS: Innocence. A person that does what she likes to do well or has social competitiveness. A woman that loves me.
YS: Pretty hands. Long hair. Someone who is smaller in size than me.
DW: Same laughter frequency and thus able to communicate well together. A heart that respects the elders. A person that can apologize to anyone when in the wrong.
KK: Actively expresses her liking for me. Doesn’t cheat on me and looks at me only. Even if we haven’t met for a while, she’s someone that makes everyday feels brand new and carries a lot of charm.
DJ: A person that has a heart that is as pretty as she looks and we can communicate well together. The 3rd criteria? 2 is enough (laughs).
JH: I can speak truthfully right? Pretty face. Beautiful body line. Kind. I guess that’s why I haven’t met one (laughs).

Q: If you have a younger sister, which member will you introduce as a boyfriend candidate?

HS: Truthfully speaking, there’s none (laughs). It’s because if I’m a girl, I don’t have an ideal guy. I’m not that good myself either (laughs).
YS: Doojoon. He’s a person that has a strong sense of responsibility, someone who will pay attention and respect the other half’s opinion, thus he seems to be a good boyfriend.
DW: I don’t think there’s anyone. Even though we are close, I don’t want to be family related with any of them (laughs).
KK: Either Yoseob or Doojoon. Both of them represent this century’s model youth.
DJ: Maknae Dongwoon. Because he’s the kindest friend! He’s very pure and kind, a person that will make people around him happy.
JH: Dongwoon. He’s a person who can sacrifice himself for others and thus I think he’ll sacrifice himself to make the girl happy.

Qn: Late for date but has full make-up on, be on-time but without any make-up on, which do you prefer?

HS: A girl who will quickly come without any make-up. It’s because I’ll date a girl who looks pretty even without make-up (laughs).
YS: Without make-up. I don’t know if being punctual is insignificant or not but I feel that in terms of relationship, it holds a huge meaning.
DW: I like someone who is punctual adequately and also comes with adequate make-up on (laughs). If I have to choose, I’ll pick punctuality.
KK: It doesn’t matter. It’s because I feel that the girl is pretty with or without make-up on since she is the girl I like.
DJ: I like someone who is punctual. I’m impatient and thus I’m sensitive to time. Make-up isn’t that important.
JH: Without make-up. I like faces without make-up on. I think one will lose her original charm with make-up on.

Q: Benefits that comes from dating you?

HS: I will not talk about the person I like nor my private life even to my close friends. It will be a secret between the two of us.
YS: I’m the devoted type, I like to express my feelings and I will look into the eyes of my other half when I speak to her. I will be like a friend, as well as portraying the looks of a trustworthy oppa.
DW: I might not be punctual, I might not have time to meet, but I will love her with all my heart.
KK: I will not be distracted and will love her till the end of time… This is embarrassing (shy).
DJ: Because I like talking, I have confidence in making things not boring in our relationship. This is also the reason why being able to communicate well with each other is a significant criteria.
JH: We will be together doing the things we like, be it fishing or cooking, I’ll bring her along to travel too!

Credits: Sua for Magazine Scans, @KongKongXD for JP-KR translations & @Sichul / Kimcherry.tumblr.com for KR-EN translations.

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[Trans] 131107 S Cawaii Magazine (Excerpt)

Q4: What do you wear to sleep?

DJ: I always wear my underwear to sleep. Perhaps my body temperature is high, no matter what I wear to sleep, I will always wake up in my underwear. I guess I took my clothes off because it was hot.

HS: T-shirt & shorts. I can’t sleep if it’s too quiet so I’ll usually leave the TV or music on.

JH: Regardless of the season, I’ll only wear my underwear to sleep. I’ll get uncomfortable if I wear something else and won’t be able to fall asleep.

YS: I get hot easily so I’ll usually wear tank top or just underwear to sleep.

KK: Comfortable shirt and shorts. I’m a light sleeper so it’s best for me to sleep in a dark room and sometimes even with ear plugs on. 

DW: Chopper prints pants that I received from a fan.

Credits: Sua for Magazine Scans, @KongKongXD for JP-KR translations & @Sichul / Kimcherry.tumblr.com for KR-EN translations.

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[Trans] 131107 POTATO Magazine Interview (Hyunseung)

Qn: Just now during the waiting period, we heard Hyunseung humming to Utada Hikaru’s 『Automatic』. What kind of Japanese music do you like? 
Hyunseung: Among the Japanese songs, this is the only one I know how to sing (shy). But I like Utada Hikaru! In the past, I’ve also listened to W-inds’ songs. Tachibana Keita dances really well and I’ve heard people saying that we kind of looked alike, I like him a lot. 


Q1: Favourite Japanese Artiste’s work (Drama/Songs)?
HS: Utada Hikaru & W-inds. I liked them since I was in middle school and even till now, their songs are still stuck in my head.

Q2: Ideal girl?
HS: Even if I don’t do this or that for her, she will still be able to do those things well by herself, that’s my ideal girl.

Q3: Favourite ladies fashion?
HS: It’s neither colourful nor plain, but a coordination that draws my attention will be good. Something that brings along a unique personality, if I’m able to absorb it well, I will lay my eyes on it!

Q4: Interesting Japanese words that you know of?
HS: I don’t know if they’re interesting but.. 「Daisuki (I really like this/it)」 「Sayonara (Goodbye)」 「Imadesho (Right now)」 「Uso~ (You’re lying/For real?)」 

Q5: Favourite colour?
HS: Red and Black. Both are colours that will blend well with anything and they bring out a strong feeling so they’re my favourite.

Credits: @a8sun for Magazine Scans, @KongKongXD for JP-KR translations & @Sichul / Kimcherry.tumblr.com for KR-EN translations.

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[Trans] 1030韓Fun: Tell us the changes you felt about the member sitting next to you having grown up.  

KK: In the past, YS was cute with the body type of a kid but ever since he began boxing, he changed. Because he trained really hard, I feel that he now has a body of a mature man.    

YS: The growth of DJ… This is difficult (laughs). Among the members, DJ is the only one that is becoming younger. His heart is like glass…
DJ: I’m not like that~ (in total denial)
YS: Because he has a delicate side, I’m always looking out for him.
DJ: If that’s the case~ You are supposed to say about how much I’ve grown~!
YS: there’s none. (Laughs)
DJ: Ok, I got it. (Laughs)  

DJ: JH has always been mature. I feel it that way especially when I look at him composing songs in the recording studio. However, outside of work, there’s still certain part that’s cute about him when he doesn’t understand what other people says and have no sense.

JH: Even though Dongwoon is the maknae of the team, he has now passed 20 and could be the hyung of some other teams. He thinks that he’s cute in Beast (laughs). Well, he’s actually cute. There’s also the mature side of him. In order to cheer the 5 of us up, he is willing to sacrifice his confidence just to make the atmosphere better. He is a member that has both the mature and cute sides.

DW: Even before debut, Hyunseung hyung is like that, he would definitely be in the practice room when I go there. It’s to the extend that I thought he lives in the practice room (laughs). Because he was so hardworking, his singing and dancing skills have both grown as well.  

HS: I don’t live in the practice room (laughs). Even before debut, KK is thorough with his self management and thus he is mature then. Now, he is doing his self management right and with his looks and body that is changing, he seems to have become more cool.  

Cr: @ys_aya for the scans
@KongKongXD for the Jp-Kr tl
@sichul // http://kimcherry.tumblr.com for the Kr-Eng tl

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[Trans] Yysbeast: I’ll try to do even better tomorrow. Those who came to Olympic Park and Incheon today, thank you so much. These days, there are so many things to be grateful for… I’m happy.. 

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[Trans] 130801 엠카 1위~♥

@B2stGK: Really thanks to B2uty for letting us win this award. We’ll work even harder!^^!!! 

@BeeeestDJ: Thank youuu thank you !! We’ll work even harder next time for a performance which everyone can enjoy, thank you

@beastdw: What else can I add but just thank you and thank you again

@yysbeast: Thank you. B2uty. Today’s no. 1 isn’t B2ST, it’s B2uty. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

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[Trans] Vogue Girl ‘Behind Cut’ - Hyunseung’s Part

There were a lot of times when he would listen to music alone, or look out of the window. Whenever there’s free time, he would quietly busk in his alone-time.

"I’m not thinking about anything. I just like having times like this. I like it the best when I’m practising. It’ll be alright to just practice without any thoughts or worries. When I was schooling, I was also a kid that only went to school and back home, and to school and back home again. It’s no different from what I’m doing right now. Sometimes I’ll meet up with the hyungs what I used to dance with in the past, and that’s all. I don’t really have any complaints with that kind of lifestyle. I don’t even know if others think that I’m living such a boring life. Some other people will think that I look like I have a lot in mind, which is really not true. Lately, there’s only one thing in my mind. Having a big dream and living to fulfil it, or aiming at small little happiness and live ordinarily."


Scan: AM 12:00 by @ys_mya
Translated by: @Sichul // kimcherry.tumblr 

He explains how there’s nothing going on in his mind when there’s actually a whole lot deep within. Just the way he speaks. ♥

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